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Working with me in your process, you may want to look at the following issues

Feelings (like joy, fear, anger, fury, love, grief, guilty conscience,..), charisma, charm, self-esteem, power, communication, mindset, values, beliefs, body (tone, posture, grounding, movement, presence, radiance, voice, mood, impression, expression, going inwards/outwards, sensuality), clothing, connecting yourself, vision, courage, easiness, resilience, decisions, relationships, entanglements, trinergetic issues (victim, offener, saver), self-responsibility, harmony, masculine/feminine energies, role models, expectations (my own and the ones of others), internal/external perception, society, networks, mothering, sistering, forgiving, act situatively.

What my work is NOT about is
Accusations, devaluations of any kind against anybody or anything or manipulation. I believe that we can only be happy if we harmonize both poles - the masculine and the feminine one - including these poles within ourselves, nurturing them to become powerful in their self-esteem and reciprocal appreciation.

What my work is about is

Look at and reflect on the prejudices, valuations and patterns taken over unintentionally from society, friends, ancestors in order to transform them into more helpful concepts. We do not want to waste valuable life time when we can be working productively on a more successful and happier life. To get exasperated about others may costs a lot of time, will not bring any real satisfaction and may distract you from taking valuable steps to change a few things in your life that will really make a difference. It is your decision on what you want to focus your valuable energy! I will support you.

What you can book with me ..


  • Complimentary DISCOVERY Session
  • 2in1 Walk & Talk: with or without nordic walking sticks - moving + nature and fresh air  will get you going - nature is also a good place for rituals, meditations and exercices
  • Trainings/Seminars upon request
  • Evening group (regular meetings) upon request

1150 Vienna, Clementinengasse 24/1/18 - near U6 Gumpendorferstrasse
1170 Vienna, Dornbacherstrasse 62
Appointments can be arranged via: 0664/112 77 37 or ursulameta-morphosisat