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Life Coaching, Money Coaching, Psychotherapy, Business Consulting, Organisation Development

Psychotherapy (Integrative Therapy)

Money Coaching - healing your money legacy and your relationship with money - money is a mirror for confidence, selfworth, self-responsibility, consciousness

Mentoring for coaches and trainers

  • Counselling, Coaching & Training: individual & couple
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Open Group – 2 hours (evening)

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  • Counselling, Coaching & Training
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Open Group – 2 hours (evening)

  • Counselling, Coaching & Training: individual appointment
  • Coaching for trainers to be (seminar or workshop design, preparation, reflection)
  • Sparring Partner
  • Brainstorming Partner for creative ideas
  • Information and Idea Broker  -  network partner for people and ideas

Corporate Health Promotion Counselling and Organization Development

  • Health Circle Facilitation, Coaching, Counselling, Process Facilitation, developing ideas, goals, preparing projects, control group meetings, team workshops, staff analyses, interviews, reports, reflection, ...
  • proVIT health projects including analysis via Work Ability Coaching + health report + measures


  • conflicts, problems, ambivalences, mobbing, burn-out  > improving cooperation and corporate biopsychosocial health

Individual Coaching

  • for staff members

Team Coaching/Facilitation

  • Team coaching, structured dialogue (in case of conflicts, improving cooperation, developing goals, measures, implementation coaching, reflection, course corrections,..)

Workshops & Seminars

  • Healthy Leadership
  • Improving Cooperation (in teams, between divisions,..)
  • Resources/Stresses/Solutions
  • Corporate Communication
  • Generating new ideas
  • Problem solving ...

  • Rainbows Groups after divorce/separation
  • Chaperon in "BesuchsCafés" for parents visiting their children under supervision
  • Counselling, Coaching & Training for parents
  • Family workshops with the whole family
  • Dialogue evenings for parents

  • Counselling, Coaching & Training: individual appointments
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Open Group – 2 hours (evening)

Übersetzungs- & Dolmetschdienstleistungen
Translation & Interpretation Agency - all Languages and Special Fields – native speakers – Worldwide Partner Network
  • Technical, Economic, Medical, Biochemical Sciences, Law, ...
  • Brochures, Marketing Folder
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Business Reports
  • Concepts
  • Manuals
  • Business Correspondence
  • Tender Documents
  • and much more

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  • Training for health circle facilitators (corporate health promotion)
  • Reflection/Supervision groups
  • Healthy Leadership
  • Handling Stress: good stress?, bad stress, balance - impacting our bodies (breathing, biochemical system, personality, mental system, tunnel feeling/vision, contraction,..). Stress spiral. Stress analysis. Modells to cope with stress, emergency kit, strategy interruptors, relaxation techniques.
  • Your Image: Meaning what? Charisma, status? What is part of it? Where is the place to wear your official mask? Is that what you want? How about embracing your authentic creative self? Do you know how amazing you are, what gifts you have to offer? Where lies your power? When are you the official/private person, is there a difference? Looking at your different roles as woman, man, in different cultures? What is the impression you would like to make, what keeps you from shining?
  • Selfworth Training: 7 steps to improve your selfworth
  • Charisma Training for Women: Discover who you really are and embrace your authentic feminine self. Body Work. Voice. Inner & outer postures, beliefs, values.
  • The Grammar of Selfconfidence: You make an impression on others with your body language, your looks, which is influenced by how you feel, the words you use, the way you think, your mental programs. Being aware of your feelings, wording, thinking, of different perspectives you strengthen your confidence. Power and option oriented thinking and language helps getting vom victim language to solution language and acting. On the basis of healing the hidden issues.
  • Group or Individual WorkAbility Coaching: workability index + health assessment. In which areas of your life are you looking for balance, what needs to be done? Step by Step. How about your job? Assessing all areas from job environment, colleagues, boss, job description, career decisions - where is something going wrong, which boundaries are to be set, how do you handle conflicts?
  • Work-Life-Balance: Not enough time, a to-do list without end and always on the run? Something is going terribly wrong, that's not the life you want to live... I will show you how to simplify & organise your life, which boundaries and decisions need to be taken, which feelings of shame and guilt have to be released, so that you actually have a life and can practice radical self-care..
  • Solution Oriented Conflict Resolution: Looking at different models and the subconscious processes to help you navigate conflicts like a pro. What are your triggers, how can you gain sympathy for somebody elses feeling, how can you actively leave the drama triangle of Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer. How can you get into the bird's eye perspective, use clearing patterns, find a win-win solution. Step-by-step training, templates.
Seminars with Seminar Organisations
  • Wifi Vienna
  • College for multicultural Kindergarden Teachers
  • Vitalakademie
  • bfi Vienna